Wilmar Flores Photography: Blog https://www.wilmarflores.com/blog en-us (C) Wilmar Flores Photography [email protected] (Wilmar Flores Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:32:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:32:00 GMT https://www.wilmarflores.com/img/s/v-12/u460850843-o440553449-50.jpg Wilmar Flores Photography: Blog https://www.wilmarflores.com/blog 88 120 full length https://www.wilmarflores.com/blog/2013/4/full-length Full length shots in the studio is one of the hardest skill in photography to master. I challenged myself to proceed with the task at hand and I was pleased with the result. These images may not be the best full-length portraits but these perfectly fits the personality of the model and the emotions I'm trying to convey. A big shout out to my baby brother Jay for finally agreeing to model for me and to Romabeth for giving 100% the entire shoot.







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The Dancer https://www.wilmarflores.com/blog/2013/3/the-dancer I’ve wanted to do a photo-shoot with a dancer in the studio for a while now. As I started to build a concept in my head and visualize the resulting images, Tiffany came along. Tiffany's dream is to be in “Dancing With The Stars.” As graceful and coordinated as she is, that dream is not farfetched in any means.  She’s a natural!

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Gary & Apple Gay https://www.wilmarflores.com/blog/2013/3/gary-apple-gay ...a beautiful couple with a big heart for Cold Stone Ice cream and movies. Let’s all fall in love over and over again as they effortlessly display theirs. Tying the knot this May, I share the excitement and happiness they have. I cannot wait indeed!

My endless thanks to Gary and Apple Gay for entrusting me their wedding.


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Michael + Allie = Mikey https://www.wilmarflores.com/blog/2013/3/michael-allie-mikey Allie + Michael                

Coronado Ferry Landing – Coronado, CA

An engagement photo shoot is already a lot of fun both for the couple and the photographer. But what happens when you add an extremely adorable little boy who owns the world’s cutest smile – Mikey?

It’s a blast for everyone involved in the shoot and the spectators alike.

Thank you Allie and Michael! It’s my pleasure to be your photographer.

Mikey was awesome.

You’re blessed to have such a well behaved, cute, and adorable little one. I had a great time photographing your family. I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September.




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WPPI https://www.wilmarflores.com/blog/2013/3/wppi Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention 2013

MGM Convention Center - Las Vegas, Nevada

This is the first year I learned about WPPI and my first time attending the convention too. Being with thousands of photographers of all levels in the same place at the same time is simply inspiring. I learned a lot from the different classes taught by the different experts. Since the convention was held in the fabulous Las Vegas, my wife Michelle and I made sure not to skip the fun. We even did a photo shoot in our gorgeous suite at The Cosmopolitant Hotel that overlooks the Bellagio fountain. These photos were inspired by the work of an amazing photographer - David Drebin. We had an awesome time and already planning to come back next year.





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website launched! https://www.wilmarflores.com/blog/2012/10/website-launched Finally! After over a year of sincere intention and planning in my part to launch my website, it's finally online. Hopefully this will take my photography business to the next level and enable me refine my skills evenmore. I'm very excited to have a place to share my work with the world. Browse around the site and hopefully you like it enough to hire me as your next photographer.

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