Hi! I am Wil (or Wilmar) and welcome to my website! Thank you so much for your interest and for getting this far. Good news: You are about to find your photographer! :) 


About me: I am a dad of 3 girls. They're 6, 2 and a year old. I filled our walls with their photos, I had to stop at one point. I've been married to my Highschool crush for almost 9 years now. I work in a hospital. I am back at school. And I am an 80s baby. :)


I personally do everything. From planning to the photoshoot to post production. I am very hands on. I want the images to be as natural as possible. I consider myself as a People Photographer. Capturing a beautiful smile or a contagious grin of a child, the priceless facial expressions of a baby, a happy family looking sharp in their matching outfits, the love between couples, the emotions of the bride walking down the aisle or the groom seeing his bride in her wedding dress for the first time never fail make my heart swell.


Now for my style, It is traditional with hints of photo-journalism and modern. To be technical, My practice is governed by some principles; (1) natural light is divine but artificial lights can be a powerful tool (2) if you can conceptualize  it, I can (and I will) find a way to capture it in photograph and (3) trust between photographer and the subject is vital to a successful photoshoot.


Traveling is another thing I love. So if you need a photographer outside of San Diego, whether just right outside the city, out of state, or even international, I am your guy. 


Do drop me a line [email protected], Leave a message +1 (858) 717 3524 or ask HERE. I am ecstatic to meet you!